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Extra Special Kitties

FIV+ Kitties

We have a number of cats in our program that are FIV+. They are all happy and healthy and live with other cats that are not FIV+. We have found that our FIV+ kitties are often the sweetest, and they deserve a chance at their own loving forever home. Not sure if you can adopt an FIV+ kitty? Read more about FIV here: FIV Education


Meet Our FIV+ Kitties!


FeLV+ Kitties

These sweet kitties have Feline Leukemia (FeLV). They are all very sweet and living happily in their foster home while they wait for their forever home. All of them are very healthy and not showing symptoms of active infection. Please check out this link: Feline Leukemia for more information on Feline Leukemia. They need a home with no other cats or other FeLV+ kitties.


Meet Our FeLV+ Kitties!



Special Needs Animals

This page shows our "special needs" animals. Some are blind, some have lost legs or have damage from old injuries, some have chronic issues. All of these kitties are available for adoption. While some require special care, many do not, and yet are often overlooked simply because they're a little different! They are all sweet and deserve a chance at a loving forever home.

If you cannot adopt, but would like to help these kitties and their friends, please consider making a donation. These special kitties often need more specialized care, and the only way we can continue helping the ones that no one else will is through your generosity. The kitties always appreciate donations of any amount!

Meet Our Special Needs Animals!