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The Animals Need You!


These precious animals are here for one reason. They’re waiting for YOU to open your heart and home to all the love and affection they’ve been waiting to share with someone special. With t he click of your mouse, you could forever change the life of one of these special animals and in return, you can be assured THEY will change your life in ways you could never imagine. Is your heart ready for their love?

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Calvin's Paws Needs You!

Our precious animals are dependent upon our all-volunteer 

network of people in this non-profit organization to rescue  and care for them and help them find their forever home. They are always encouraging us to find people to serve them by offering to:

  • Donate towards their care
  • Become a Foster Parent (Home)
  • Become an Adoption Counselor
  • Assist with transportation needs
  • Join our Staff or Administrative Team

The Community Needs You!

Thousands of animals are needlessly killed each year in shelters across our state because over population and limited space devalues their lives to a simple budget calculation. Your community needs people who understand the true value of our animals' lives willing to join groups like Calvin’s Paws who advocate for Spay/Neuter laws, engage in TNR (Trap and Release), and legislation that would ban Heart Stick and Gas Chamber euthanasia.

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